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It’s not a secret for anybody, for what Viagra needed. However, when taking to account some of the nuances of action of the drug. But it’s not easy to buy Viagra. You need a special prescription from your doctor. But in our store you can buy Viagra Online Without a Prescription!

Of course, Viagra is considered the number one tool for erectile dysfunction and return of sexual potency. Most men know how to accept it, but some facts concerning her actions are not very clear. To clarify the situation, you need to find out in details the principles of its operation, what we now find out.

Effect of Viagra on potency differs from that of the other drugs on this natural process as Viagra is a medication and symptomatic treatment of erectile dysfunction. Many men might think, data, blue pill — not that other as a panacea for sexual weakness of men. But maintaining your health is important to know all the nuances Viagra and how is its action.

Viagra treats the main cause of impotence, namely, the inability to have an erection adequate for completion of sexual intercourse. First, it eliminates the disruption of blood vessels that are directly involved in the process of erection. This pill is applied to treat impotence in men. It helps many men with intimate dysfunction, and ultimately to achieve a normal erection and hold it for a long time, but only with sufficient sexual arousal. Warning to all men! You can’t be an erection if you are taking this drug without first taking care of a good sexual arousal.

Viagra gives real opportunity many men suffering from the dysfunction in the sphere of erection, to the penis response to sexual stimulation. Once again, is to say that only in combination with a strong sexual arousal men, Viagra starts to improve the blood supply to the penis, fill with blood to such an extent for the occurrence of sufficient erection. Needless to say, that after sexual intercourse and ejaculation the penis comes in the usual state of tranquility. But with the aid of Viagra there is stimulation of blood flow in small blood vessels of the penis and thus comes the increase of potency.

viagra without a Prescription

To act on the solution of the problem must first know its causes.

Causes of erectile dysfunction, usually complex and include a number of factors — physiological factors, and negative psychological stress and anxiety. Even the slightest damage to nerves, arteries, blood vessels, muscle tissue, chronic diseases by type of diabetes and hepatitis, pyelonephritis, neurological diseases always lead to erectile dysfunction. If we talk in percentage, physiological diseases account for approximately 75% of cases of potency. But the rest 25% the fault of male violence become psychological factors: depression, guilt, anxiety and trouble at work.

But you start taking Viagra alone as a means to increase potency is not recommended, because you need to compulsorily consult with your doctor. The reason is the following — the active ingredient of Viagra sildenafil called instantly interact with most medications. First and foremost is the nitrates, which are used to treat heart disease. The simultaneous administration of these drugs possible adverse reaction in the form of serious complications.

But the use of Viagra having good results on the health of men. Clinically proven that more than 80% of patients claim a strong effect and deep sense of satisfaction after taking the Viagra, about 15% of men still believe its action to improve the potency not very effective and only 5% found it necessary to abandon the use of pills because it was not acceptable for their health.

As you can see, the effect of this drug on the sexual power of men in most cases is strictly positive. But the positive effect of the drug should be done only after detailed consultation with the attending physician. You should always remember about the fact that in the absence of sexual arousal, Viagra action not to be at all effective.